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Volunteers are Culture Ambassadors for Microgaming who have identified participation in community-oriented activities as one of their core interests and objectives.

Working together under the PlayItForward umbrella on projects that capture their hearts, they are doing their utmost to make our home an even better place for all.

Culture Ambasador Logo
"We're on a mission to support our local community."

 Century of Song Century of Song

Century of Song

The first mission of our volunteers was to support the Mayor and Mayoress of Douglas in raising funds and awareness for “Century of Song”.

Held at the Villa Marina in aid of the Mayoral Charity Appeal, to which Microgaming had already donated £3,000, Century of Song raised around £5,000 in support of three local charities: Manx DeCaf, Naseem’s Brain Tumour Charity and Anthony Nolan Friends Isle of Man. Our volunteers were more than happy to donate their free time to help with the promotion and administration of the event.

Volunteers Our Volunteers

Culture Ambassadors

Volunteers consist of Microgaming Culture Ambassadors who have made it their mission to get involved in community events on the island.

PlayItForward has never been short of people putting themselves forward to help out at events, largely because of the supportive culture nurtured across the business. Volunteers are taking their involvement to the next level, not only by helping out at events supported by PlayItForward, but also in building their own volunteering roadmap and spreading the word across the company and beyond.