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Microgaming PlayItForward

Microgaming PlayItForward was established in 2014 by world-leading software company, Microgaming, which is headquartered on the beautiful Isle of Man. The initiative serves as an outlet for social good on the island, most notably in the areas of health, charity, education and sport.

It builds on existing work carried out by Microgaming and the Microgaming Health & Care Trust, which was founded in 2002 and continues to fund Max-registered charities, and local health and social care projects.

Isle of Man

The Isle of Man is a place of immeasurable beauty. More or less equidistant from the UK and Ireland, sitting proudly in the Irish Sea, the island is home to spectacular beaches, glens and mountains.

Coastal roads dance amid the rugged cliffs, peering out across the seemingly endless stretch of water that delimits island life. But the Manx people, renowned for their openness, kindness and friendliness, are by no means alone.

Microgaming Logo

Microgaming laid the foundations for trusted, secure gaming when it developed and launched the world’s first true online casino in 1994.

The award-winning technology company, which has produced groundbreaking online slots such as Terminator 2™️, Jurassic Park™️ and Avalon II, ensured from the outset that its RNG (Random Number Generator), the kernel of all slot-based games, would give rise to fair gameplay for all players at all times.

But Microgaming didn’t stop there; it went on to position the building blocks for self-regulation in the online gaming industry, and it has worked hand in hand with regulators ever since in jurisdictions throughout the world.