Chairman of University of the Third Age 24.06.2015
Microgaming Health & Care Trust Play It Forward to the University of the Third Age (IOM)

ISLE OF MAN – The Microgaming Health & Care Trust has made a donation to the Isle of Man’s branch of the University of the Third Age.

The University of the Third Age (U3A) is a unique charity which provides life-enhancing opportunities for retired or semi-retired people, offering members the chance for further education, to learn new skills and develop new hobbies. There are over 200 members and this is steadily growing.

Membership of U3A has many benefits; continued learning and social activity has been shown to improve physical and mental health, reduce loneliness and depression and prevent or delay dementia.

U3A Isle of Man is self-funded by members and is run by a group of volunteers. They meet in various halls, homes or the classroom at Knockaloe, and have been reliant on one volunteer’s audio-visual equipment for presentations. Recognising that they were in need of their own equipment, to be centrally held and loaned out to groups as required, the charity sought support from the Microgaming Health & Care Trust.

Eager to step in, the Trust funded the purchase of audio-visual equipment, including a digital projector and a portable PA system.

For more information on U3A please contact Ravina Talbot on 01624 842959 or

On behalf of all our members, I’d like to say a big thank you to the Microgaming Health & Care Trust for their donation. We’re expanding rapidly, we already have over 20 specialist interest groups up-and-running, and we anticipate this number to grow. Access to IT equipment, such as a projector and PA, is essential to the success of U3A!
Ravina Talbot Vice-Chairman of the IOM U3A

The U3A is a fantastic local charity and it was our pleasure to support them in their pursuit for new equipment. With the growing number of members and the increased specialist groups available, the new PA system and projector will be in constant use!
Dr. Roy Clague Chairman of the Microgaming Health Care & Trust