Cheque hand over from health and care trust member to Southern Community initiatives members 21.10.2013
Microgaming Health & Care Trust donates £10000 to Southern Community Initiatives

ISLE OF MAN – The Microgaming Health & Care Trust has made a generous £10,000 donation to Southern Community Initiatives, a Manx registered charity, to assist with a local scheme to provide a social centre for various community projects.

Located in Thie Rosien (formerly Southlands Nursing Home) in Port Erin, the social centre is known as the ‘Hub Club’. The social centre opened its doors to the public earlier in the year and is now home to countless community projects including Men in Sheds and a Social Fitness and Running Club. Whilst the facility is being utilised predominantly by southern residents, the scheme is not exclusive and residents from across the island are welcome. 

The idea for a social centre came on the back of a public consultation that was conducted to assess the needs of people living in the south of the island. The research results showed that a social support function would prove beneficial to the community, particularly for the elderly population. As a direct result, the Hub Club was established. For more information on Southern Community Initiatives and the Hub Club please call 838180 or email

Photo: (left-right) Graham Hall, Chairman of Men in Sheds, Janet Bridle, Project Leader of Southern Community Initiatives and Dr. John Wardle, Trustee of the Microgaming Health & Care Trust

We are delighted that we could assist Southern Community Initiatives with the provision of a social centre in the local community. The Hub Club is of benefit to so many people, of all ages and all abilities; it is a truly valuable addition to the Island, and they are fully deserved of our support.
Dr. John Wardle Trustee of the Microgaming Health Care & Trust

We are very thankful to the Microgaming Health & Care Trust for providing us with such a substantial donation. This contribution allowed us to make extensive internal modifications, including redecorating and furnishing, to ensure the Hub Club was in a suitable condition to host a variety of projects.
Janet Bridle Project Leader of Southern Community Initiatives