Microgaming supports Time to Change to end mental health discrimination 10.10.2018
Microgaming strengthens workplace wellbeing with employee mental health awareness training

ISLE OF MAN – Microgaming is working with The Lisa Lowe Centre to deliver vital mental health awareness training to staff as part of the company’s Employer Pledge with Time to Change.

Signed on October 2017, Microgaming’s Employer Pledge with Time to Change, a campaign that aims to end mental health discrimination, outlined a series of commitments by the company to creating a happier, healthier workplace, from raising awareness of mental health across the business to introducing fully trained mental health first aiders.

Continuing to strengthen its pledge, Microgaming is working with The Lisa Lowe Centre to deliver bespoke wellbeing and mental health awareness training to Microgaming and Derivco line managers. The island-based charity has been running the workshops to train managers on how to recognise the signs and symptoms of mental health issues, in addition to providing them with practical strategies to support their team members and colleagues.

Alongside the awareness training, Microgaming and Derivco staff will have access to mental health sessions over the next few months. The sessions will focus on mental health disorder awareness, common stressors and coping tools, with the aim to erase the stigma around mental health.

In recognition of the Centre’s vital contribution to the local community, Microgaming PlayItForward has made a £6,000 donation to The Lisa Lowe Centre to support its ongoing work on the Isle of Man.

We are pleased to see local companies recognising that supporting the mental health of their employees is as important as the usual physical health support, as one supports the other. As a charity working to increase our remit in this area we are delighted to be working with Microgaming, who are also at the forefront in recognising the need to change.
Gareth Nicholson Lisa Lowe Centre

We strive to maintain a culture where everyone feels comfortable to speak up about any problems they may have. With The Lisa Lowe Centre we can train our managers to better recognise the signs of potential mental health issues and be well equipped to help their team and colleagues. Most importantly, it helps strengthen our commitment to erasing the stigma by encouraging an open environment where people can talk about their mental health and know that they are always supported.
Jean-Luc Ferriere CCO of Microgaming