Microgaming Health & Care Trust 17.05.2018
Microgaming Health & Care Trust boosts staff training at Noble’s Hospital with latest donation

ISLE OF MAN – The Microgaming Health & Care Trust’s most recent donation to Noble’s Hospital has helped to fund an emergency simulation system to train staff for major incidents.

The hospital has invested the Trust’s donation into acquiring the Emergo Train System® (ETS), an internationally recognised training tool used for simulating emergency scenarios involving major casualties, from natural disasters to chemical incidents and epidemics.

Available to all hospital staff, including the ambulance service, ETS will enable teams to practise less common and rare critical care scenarios so that they can prepare in a risk-free environment. In addition, the system will allow the hospital to exercise and review existing major incident strategies and help to fine-tune emergency response plans.

We are extremely grateful to the Microgaming Health & Care Trust for the funding. They have given us an amazing piece of equipment to stress test our major incident plan, which can be used and reused by every department in the hospital year on year. The Emergo kit will greatly improve staff preparedness, ensure our action plans are up to date and transform the way we simulate a worst-case scenario, and therefore enable us to push our staff further to develop key skills.
Dr Gareth Davies Hospital Lead for Emergency Preparedness, Noble's Hospital

The resilience and preparedness of our island’s healthcare staff is essential, and the simulation system will help strengthen real world communication, teamwork and crisis management during critical events. We are always more than delighted to contribute to investment in staff training at Noble’s Hospital to help them continue to provide the best quality of care to the island.
Dr Roy Clague Chairman of the Microgaming Health & Care Trust