Microgaming staff trying the Laparoscopic simulator 27.10.2016
Microgaming Health & Care Trust donation establishes laparoscopic simulation lab at Noble’s Hospital

ISLE OF MAN – The Microgaming Health & Care Trust has made a donation to Noble’s Hospital for the establishment of a Laparoscopic Simulator Lab at their Medical Education and Clinical Skills Centre. 

Located at Keyll Darree, Noble’s Hospital Medical Education and Clinical Skills Centre is used for training doctors in a variety of medical procedures, including the replication of skilled and emergency surgery. The £930,000 centre (which was supported by the Microgaming Health & Care Trust) opened in February 2015. 

Looking to extend the facilities available at the centre, Noble’s Hospital proposed the installation of two laparoscopy simulator units and additional equipment designed for use with these units, to enable trainee doctors to develop a range of laparoscopic skills. They approached the Microgaming Health & Care Trust for support. 

Laparoscopic or ‘keyhole’ camera surgery is being increasingly used in hospitals because of the significant benefits minimally invasive procedures bring. Reduced pain and smaller scarring generally leads to a faster recovery time for patients, while still achieving the same outcome as traditional ‘open’ surgery - sometimes even better.

The donation of £7,500 will fund the purchase and installation of three laparoscopic simulator units, plus other equipment needed to support their functioning.

Supporting the proposal for a laparoscopic simulation lab was an easy decision to make. In the future, experience of both practicing and teaching laparoscopic skills will be integral to the training of those interested in a surgical career. The lab will not only develop and improve on-island skills in this highly specialised practice, it will also help to encourage junior doctors of the future to train on the island.
Dr Roy Clague Microgaming Health & Care Trust

Since its opening, the Medical Education and Clinical Skills Centre has been a great benefit, improving doctors’ skills in a variety of medical areas. To be adding facilities for laparoscopic surgical training is integral for current doctors and our next generation, and we thank the Microgaming Health & Care Trust for making this happen.
Mr GD Tebala Consultant Gastrointestinal and Laparoscopic Surgeon, Noble’s Hospital